Wedding Limo

Wedding Limo

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Drive off to happily ever after in the wedding limo. Make a toast to your future and watch on the retractable partition as your wedding photos are displayed. The string of cans and repositionable bouquet of flowers decorate your celebratory car. The limo can seat up to three passengers in the back, as well as a driver and passenger up front. Set includes three figures, limousine, champagne, ice bucket, flower arrangements, and other accessories. Recommended for ages four years and up.

– The limousine is equipped with a tow bar and is NOT RC-compatible.

- The string with the cans may be attached to the tow bar.

- The roof insert is removed to add the figures.

- There is space for two figures in the front passenger compartment (child figure can be a front seat passenger). 

- The bride cannot be inserted as the driver or front seat passenger!

- There are three more seats in the back of the vehicle, in which each of the figures are secured by a hand clamp.

- The back of the car is separated from the driver’s cab by a partition which can be lowered. On this wall, a label points to a monitor which displays the new wedding photos. 

- The champagne cooler, two champagne glasses and the wedding bouquet can be fastened to the sideboard in the passenger compartment. There is another holder for flowers on the boot lid.

- Three flower arrangements can be secured to smooth surfaces with a suction cup, e.g. on the engine bonnet.

- The bridal veil is folded so that the two round recesses are positioned on top each other, with the shorter end of the veil facing upwards. After the recesses have been placed over the braid, the veil is clipped in using the attachable hairpiece.