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The contract in a transaction is only concluded only once the consumer's order is accepted by Grand Prix Models, and Grand Prix Models is not bound to deliver the goods in return for the consumer's payment of the advertised price, and the consumer is not entitled to demand delivery of the product or to refuse receipt of a refund.

  • Please check price and availability with us before placing online orders. Website not kept up to date.
  • Grand Prix Models will not be held responsible for stock that is seen in stock but physically not in stock if the client has not checked before hand.
  • Placing orders online may take a couple of days for the order to be packaged and delivered. Clients must understand that online orders may not be instantaneously fulfilled.
  • Grand Prix Models will not be liable for stock that is damaged in transit to the customer.
  • Items are checked beforehand to see if in working order.
  • Our contact details are: (+27) 11 894 4240 - contact us for a price and availability query.

There will be no warrantee, or guarantee on electrical products and components.

All products must be checked before leaving Grand Prix Models premises.