Traxxas TRX-4M Land Rover Defender
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Traxxas TRX-4M Land Rover Defender

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TRX-4M is a truck that goes where you want to go, without boundaries or restrictions. Only Traxxas’ fully-waterproof innovation gives you the freedom to drive through wet grass, puddles, and streams that force others to turn around.


TRX-4M captures all the functionality of a full-size TRX-4 in a smaller 1/18 size for an all-new driving experience.
Length: 10.3 inches (262mm) (Bronco)
11 inches (279mm) (Defender)
Front Track: 4.9 inches (124mm)
Rear Track: 4.9 inches (124mm)
Ground Clearance: 1.12 inches (29mm)
Weight (w/o battery): 1.03lbs (468g) (Bronco)
1.06lbs (483g) (Defender)
Height: 4.6 inches (117mm) (Bronco)
5.3 inches (135mm) (Defender)
Wheelbase: 6.10 inches (155mm)
Approach Angle: 54° (Bronco)
52° (Defender)
Breakover Angle: 45° (Bronco)
45° (Defender)
Departure Angle: 48° (Bronco)
41° (Defender)
Shock Length (front and rear): 2.0 inches (51mm)
Hex Size: 7mm