Tamiya - 1/24 Porsche 911 GT1

Tamiya - 1/24 Porsche 911 GT1

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About the Porsche 911 GT1

One of the most prestigious and grueling racing events held is the "Le Mans 24 Hour Endurance Race". It has brought excitement and pleasure to motorsports enthusiasts worldwide, ever since it was first held in 1923.

In 1996 Porsche, who had been idle in motorsport competitions as a works team since their withdrawal in 1988, announced their intention to come back to the Le Mans 24 hour endurance race with their latest Porsche 911 GT1. Although the styling of the GT1 retains some resemblance with their conventional 911, it is not the usual 911 but a highly advanced pure racing version. The low and sleek body shell was a product of numerous wind tunnel experiments. An air intake on the roof and air outlets at either side of the rear contribute to obtain outstanding aerodynamics. Its 3.2 liter water cooled, horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine produces and awesome 600 plus horsepower output, coupled with twin-turbochargers. The rear suspension has long A arms connected directly onto the gear case via push-rods just like formula cars. Front and rear 18 inch wheels are fitted with wide racing slicks, and power assisted carbon discs with ABS provide positive stopping power.

In spite of its exceptionally short developing period of only 8 months, the Porsche 911 GT1 gained respectable second and third places in the 1996 Le Mans event, bringing motorsport glory back again to Porsche.

Note: The colour chart below is the paints called out in the assembly manual of the model kit. Duplicate colours shown are in reference to Tamiya bottle paints as available in two sizes; 10ml and 23ml. Choose the bottle volume that best meets your needs. All spray can paints (AS, TS and PS) are available in 100ml.

TS-26 - Pure White
X-1 - BlackX-10 - 23ml Gun Metal
X-10 - 10ml Gun Metal
X-11 - 23ml Chrome Silver
X-11 - 10ml Chrome Silver
X-12 - 23ml Gold Leaf
X-12 - 10ml Gold Leaf
X-13 - 23ml Metallic Blue
X-13 - 10ml Metallic Blue
X-18 - 23ml Semi Gloss Black
X-18 - 10ml Semi Gloss Black
X-2 - 23ml White
X-2 - 10ml White
X-21 - 23ml Flat Base
X-21 - 10ml Flat Base
X-23 - 23ml Clear Blue
X-23 - 10ml Clear Blue
X-26 - 23ml Clear Orange
X-26 - 10ml Clear Orange
X-27 - 23ml Clear Red
X-27 - 10ml Clear Red
X-4 - 23ml Blue
X-4 - 10ml Blue
X-6 - 10ml Orange
X-6 - 100ml Orange
X-7 - 23ml Red
X-7 - 10ml Red
XF-1 - Flat Black
XF-16 - 10ml Flat Aluminium
XF-2 - 10ml Flat White
XF-56 - 23ml Metallic Grey
XF-56 - 10ml Metallic Grey
XF-63 - 23ml German Grey
XF-63 - 10ml German Grey
XF-64 - 23ml Red Brown
XF-64 - 10ml Red Brown
XF-7 - Flat Red