Screwdriver Bit , 4 in a pack

Screwdriver Bit , 4 in a pack

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Wera 867/4 Z TORX® Bits

Introducing the 867/4 Z TORX® bits from Wera, a series of high-quality bits for recessed TORX® screws. They are extremely strong, designed with torsion zone that absorbs forces at the tool head and help prevent any premature breakage of the drive tip.

Why would you buy these bits?

A Screwdriver Bits Set is a popular power tools accessory found in any tool kit, however, unless you have quality bits you often find yourself replacing worn, bent for lost bits. Wera's range of bits allows you to select the right bit for the right job. Wera 867/4 Z TORX® series are tough viscous for universal applications, typically driving Torx screws into hard materials such as metal or sheet metal.

Features and Benefits


  • Screwdriver bits for recessed TORX® screws
  • Ductile and tough for hard materials 1/ 4 in. hexagon drive
  • Prevents premature breakage of the drive tip
  • Compatible with Drill & Drill Drivers
  • Universal Applications


Wera 867/4 Z Bits Size


  • TX 2 to TX 40


Typical Applications

The Screwdriver Bits and Bit Sets are of the most essential hand tools in any workmans kit. There are many situations and professions where a screwdriver is needed, and a power screwdriver can save time and effort over a manual screwdriver most of the time. The Torx driver, sometimes known as the star driver or star screwdriver, is typically used by professional tradesmen, engineers or in-home improvement.
Mechanical and industrial production Electronics Electrical Servicing

What are the advantages of TORX head screws?

TORX screws, sometimes known as Star screws, are a simple and efficient solution to many drive problems. It has the advantages of virtually eliminating contact point stresses, shearing and excessive end load requirements on the driver. By reducing the risk of 'cam-out' there is less chance of damage to the screw, and less wear and tear on the driver. A such, TORX is often regarded as a higher quality alternative to Slotted, Phillips and Hexagon head types.