EDUCA - Ciruelo Sunset Dragon
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EDUCA - Ciruelo Sunset Dragon

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Puzzles for children and adults with the Ciruelo Sunset Dragon  motif have a picture of the setting sun behind a majestic fairytale castle with many turrets, which stands above the waterfall. A dragon flies in front of this scenery . The puzzle pack contains 1000 pieces . The puzzle, when assembled, forms one image. Puzzles are made of quality material . They meet safety standards - they are safe for children and adults. These puzzles for children and adults  can also prevent enthusiasts from composing puzzles, because tones in orange can easily confuse you. However, this is nothing that puzzle experts cannot do.

The individual pieces of the puzzle are larger in size for easier manipulation. The package also includes a special glue Fix Puzzle , which can be used to fix puzzles for children and adults after folding and hang them on a wall, for example. The image is in very good quality, beautiful design, with bright and authentic colors. The puzzles can be unfolded again after assembling and stored back in the box. Children's play with these puzzles appropriately develops children's imagination, imagination and manual dexterity, cultivating a sense of detail and concentration. The puzzles are suitable for the age category from 11 years .

The size of the image after folding is 68 * 48 cm . Educa specializes mainly in the production of puzzles and educational games. In addition to the company Educa is a lot of beautiful puzzles for different ages , which definitely can not miss in your collection. With the Educa puzzle, you no longer have to worry about lost pieces. Up to 16 pieces of pieces will be sent to you on request via the form by the manufacturer Educa free of charge for each puzzle with a size of more than 16 pieces. You don't have to worry about your puzzle being incomplete. It is a unique service of the Spanish manufacturer Educa , which specializes in puzzles and educational games for children and adults.