John Deere Combine harvester T670i

John Deere Combine harvester T670i

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-Ackerman steering with pendulum compensation (direct steering drive with red handle)
-One cover each on the left and the right can be opened. On the right, radiator fan cover with integrated ladder providing access to the engine compartment can be opened
-Grain tank with "self-folding" covers can be opened
-Cabin with glass pane and door on the left can be opened, rotating access ladder
-Cutting unit features: reel and centring screw powered by friction drive
-Grain tank emptied via drain tube and manual spindle drive (red handle), spindle detachable for cleaning
-Drawbar coupling meeting the "BRUDER" standard for drawing the cutting unit carriage
-Cutting unit carriage
-Cutting unit with level compensation includes pendulum suspension and is detachable
-manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS
-Scale 1:16
-recommended age: suitable from 3 years upwards for playing indoors and outdoors

Width: 473mm, Height: 237mm, Length: 603mm