IMAX iBEC-6A Voltage regulator & Glow Driver

IMAX iBEC-6A Voltage regulator & Glow Driver

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iMAX iBEC 6A Linear Regulator & Glow Plug Driver.

This unit uses a 2 cell lipoly pack to supply a constant voltage to your receiver/servos. It is a linear regulator, so no noise is emitted.
The iBEC also features a glow-plug starter feature which is operated with the ignition button. Once the engine is running it automatically turns off.
You can use the iBEC with or without the glow driver.

Input: 2 cell lipo
Output: 5.3v BEC & 1.4v for glow driver
max Current: 8A
max Cont. Current: 6A
Weight: 58g
Size: 82x31x14mm