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This speed tester is reliable, small in volume, light in weight, easy to install and do not affect the performance of the car. With high accuracy, concise control and good instantaneity, it is well received by a lot of people.

(This product applies only to the cars which are using sensored motor.)
【Product features】
1. Users can handle the display module flexible. (unloading after setting parameters; checking data after vehicles running and 
 then connecting up again).
2. Record the braking distance automaticly.
3. Record the mileage and time of the car running. 
4. Record the average speed,maximum speed, maximum rotationl speed, maximum acceleration and maximum deceleration of the car.
5. The user could calculate the KV value by themselves (KV = RPM speed/ voltage).
6. The user can monitor the speed, rotationl speed, acceleration and mileage of the car.
7. Support the imperial and international unit conversion.

G.T.Power Speed Meter for Car

1. The working voltage: 5 V; 
2. Working current: 20 mA; 
3. Weight: 50 g.