Franzis- Porsche 911 Boxermotor
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Franzis- Porsche 911 Boxermotor

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The Porsche 911. A legend in its own lifetime. First unveiled to the public in 1963, the iconic 911 is the car that everyone thinks of first when you mention the name Porsche. It was powered by the famous 6-cylinder boxer engine. As a fully functional and very accurate model from FRANZIS, you can build the 2L power train of 1966 without any gluing. Now in a new, improved version Includes many components in "authentic" colour and with metallic finish.

The FRANZIS Porsche 911 Boxer Motor model comes with a sound module with audio output, and the manual now contains even more information. Everything you need for your Porsche 911 Boxer fun.

This high-quality construction kit comprises more than 290 parts and was manufactured on the basis of the original drawings. Camshaft, pistons and valves can all be observed in operation through the transparent housing. With ignition sparks simulated by LEDs. All Porsche fans will love this unique construction kit.

Transparent housing gives a fascinating view of the internal components
Scale 1:4
Painted parts, some with metallic finish
Camshaft driven by toothed belt
Simulated ignition sparks
Functioning distributor
Driven fan wheel
Sound module with high-quality loudspeaker produces original boxer sound, audio output for headphones or connection to hi-fi system
Model comes complete with stand

What's in the box
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