Foxeer Legend 2 12MP 4K UHD Camera (Black)

Foxeer Legend 2 12MP 4K UHD Camera (Black)

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Video Resolution FPS Resolution
UHD 24 2880×2160 16:9
QHD 30 2560×1440 16:9
2K 30 2304×1296 16:9
1080P 60, 30 1920×1080 16:9
720P 120, 60, 30 1280×720 16:9
VGA 240 640×480 4:3

Designed specifically for drone racing, ultra-thin design, and a weight of 45g. Adopt 12MP Sony back-illuminated image sensor, FOV155 super wide-angle optical glass lens, and built-in electronic image stabilization device. You can shoot UHD24FPS ultra-high resolution video, and manually setup speed, color, contrast, saturation, exposure lock and other specialized parameters.The simple and powerful APP, built-in WiFi with one key share.

12MP, 4032×3024
10MP, 3648×2736
8MP, 3264×2448
5MP, 2592×1944
3MP, 2048×1536

Normal — Press the shutter button once to take a picture.
Auto — Press the shutter to set the time interval (3s / 5s / 10s / 30s / 60s), press shutter button again to stop.
Continuous — Keep pressing the shutter, photograph at 3s/5s/10s/30s/60s speed, stop after loose shutter.
Fast — Press shutter, photograph 1s or 2s at given speed(3p/s, 6p/2s).

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