Game of Thrones - Silence
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Game of Thrones - Silence

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Salute the pirate of the Iron Islands with a replica model of his ship. The Silence was an ironborn longship captained by Euron Greyjoy. It was the flagship of the iron fleet and Euron's personal flagship. The back of the ship was designed to look like the traditional skull-and-bones symbol used by reavers while the rest of the ship seems based on a Roman battle galley, modified for oceanic sailing. Instead of oars, it is solely self-propelled, with extra side sails added for extra power as well as making it stand out as the flagship of the iron fleet.

Specifications :

Item# : ICX126 Number Of Sheets : 2.5 Sheets
Difficulty : Moderate
Assembled Size : 11.91 x 10.99 x 12.19cm