Constructo Gjoa Wooden Model Ship Set (1:64)
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Constructo Gjoa Wooden Model Ship Set (1:64)

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Amundsen took only six companions with him on the Gjoa expedition. The Gjoa set off from Oslo on the 16th of june 1903 with provisions for three years. The aim was to complete the route through the Northwest passage and carry out measurements at the magnetic North Pole. Towards the end of the summer, they found a natural harbour on King William Island. This bay was a perfect place to shelter and the expedition settled there for two years whilst it carried out its scientific research. Among other things, they discovered that the magnetic North Pole is not a fixed point. On the 13th of August 1905 the Gjoa resumed its course westward. After spending the winter trapped in the Ice, on 19th October 1906 the arrived in San Francisco, the crossed the Baffin Sea, the Aleutian Islands and the North Pacific.

Item Dimensions

Height (mm) : 475
Length (mm): 480
Width (mm) : 200