Bruder Toys - Mercedes-Benz Actros Tip Up Truck

Bruder Toys - Mercedes-Benz Actros Tip Up Truck

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The tipping driver's cab of the MB Actros construction site truck provides a view of the engine block. The mirrors of the driver's cab can be folded out. The loading platform can be tipped and the side walls folded up on 3 sides. Profiled tyres complete the picture. To make it easier for our little master builders and farmers to complete their tasks, BRUDER is now launching a state-of-the-art conveyor belt. This tool distinguishes itself by its attractive design and its lifting and conveying mechanisms that are easy to use thanks to the installed crank and turning knobs. The mechanisms can be used to lift hay bales onto the trailer and transport them to the barn as well as transport and unload sand or rock on/from lorries.