Art-Tech Minimoa RTF 2.4GHz RC Glider
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Art-Tech Minimoa RTF 2.4GHz RC Glider

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Looking for a stable and durable glider that has a long flight time? Meet the Art-Tech Minimoa Electric RC Glider! Manufactured from lightweight EPO foam and meticulously modeled after the classic German glider, this amazing glider can stay up in the sky up to 60 minutes! It is made up of a tough high-strength engineering plastics and EPO material, making it one tough Glider that won't destruct very easily. The Art-Tech Minimoa Electric RC Glider is essentially a powered glider and it can be flown in a very scale-like manner. While it is not suitable for beginners, it is a great aircraft for intermediate to pro level pilots! It is best flown smoothly, trading height for speed for gentle aerobatic maneuvers just like a true glider. This awesome Glider is powered by a 9.6V rechargeable battery pack and the transmitter requires 8 AA batteries.


  • Electric Powered
  • DST-1200 Outrunner Brushless Motor
  • Long Flight Time Clocked At 1 Hour
  • Light Weight EPO Foam Body
  • Battery And Charger Included
  • Art-Tech Minimoa Electric RC Glider
  • 11.1V Rechargeable Battery
  • Wall Charger
  • Length: 39.5 Inches
  • Wing Span: 78.7 Inches
Battery Requirements:
  • Vehicle: 9.6V Rechargeable Battery (Included)
  • Transmitter: 8 AA Batteries (Not Included)