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Effective ventilation - Extreme performance
In more dazzling shape featuring multiple cooling engraved fins for added heat-dissipating surface area, the motor is implementing thermal silicone insulator between the endbell and stator to conduct the internal heat to the case with the temperate reduced efficiently, and power output multiplied!

• Aluminum Shell with CNC Forming Process
• Pure Copper Coil with High Conductivity
• High Power Welding Pieces
• Replaceable Rotor
• Powerful Sintered Neodymium Magnet
• Dual Sensor Port
• Adjustable Timing
• Compatible with Any Sensored/Sensorless ESC

Separable Structure
The daily cleaning and maintaining is a breeze thanks to the motor is designed in separable structure. Consequently, the motor’s life is prolonged with the efficiency Improved. Working in parallel with dynamically balanced high-precision rotor the built-in hall effect sensor ensures the super motor linearity with hobbyists stay in total control of the racing car.

Adjustable Timing
By loosening three screws on the endbell and rotate the endbell counter to align timing marks on the endbell, timing can be adjusted to get the most out of the motor! ( Do remember to tighten the screws on the endbell after that.) In this way, torque and efficiency can be changed to reach the best performance Increasing timing increases rpm and motor temps but decreases torque, efficiency, and runtime.

Works with mainstream models in the market
The ARES PRO V2 motor is compatible with TS120, TS150, TS160, TS50 and other ESCs. It has a wide range of vehicle compatibility and provides enough power for the racing cars. The overall performance can be reached by using the motor in parallel with ESC providing accurate reliable and precise operability.

• Turns: 7.5
• Kv (RPM/Volt): 4700
• Watts: 360
• Rotor: 12.5x5
• Poles: 2P
• LiPo: 1-2S
• Max Current: 86A
• No Load Current: 3.5A
• Shaft dia: 3.175 mm (1/8”)
• Weight: 178g
• Cooling Fan Inside: No
• Sintered Rotor Magnet: Yes
• Stepless Timing Adjustment: Yes
• Thermal Protection: Yes
• Hand Wound: Yes
• Racing Type: Modified