5ch DSMR TX w/SRS6000 RX

5ch DSMR TX w/SRS6000 RX

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The Spektrum DX4S is a great choice for the sport driver who wants a full-featured transmitter that does it all. Bashing, boating, racing or rock crawling, its 4-channel flexibility, impressive software features and advanced ergonomics have what it takes.

If you're looking for a surface transmitter that can do it all, the DX4S is it. Not only does it give you the flexibility of four channels, but it includes an impressive array of programming features. This includes pre-set mixes like 4-wheel steering, two user-defined mixes, on-the-fly mix rate control, ABS and more.


At the core of the DX4S is the frequency-agile, DSMR 2.4GHz protocol. DSMR is exclusive Spektrum technology that can be used with any type of land-based RC vehicle or boat. Its range and response, particularly in noisy 2.4GHz environments, is superb. It's also backwards compatible with DSMR and Marine-specific Spektrum receivers. Long-time Spektrum users won't need to replace the receivers they have unless they want the frequency-agility of a DSMR receiver for busy 2.4GHz environments.




  • Frequency-agile, DSMR 2.4GHz technology
  • Perfect of land and marine applications
  • Compatible with DSMR and Marine-specific Spektrum receivers
  • Backlit LCD Screen
  • 30-Model memory
  • 2 User-defined, programmable mixes
  • Pre-set mixes, including 4-wheel steering
  • Switch-activated mix rates
  • ABS
  • Vibe alerts
  • SD card reader
  • On-the-fly mix rate control
  • Integrated antenna
  • Integrated Telemetry*
  • Inactivity alarm
  • *Requires a DSM telemetry compatible receiver

    Backlit LCD screen
    The large, backlit LCD screen is easy to read in all types of lighting conditions.

    Integrated Antenna
    The sleek, integrated antenna provides excellent range and is incredibly durable.

    Control Wheel and Trim
    The control wheel and trim switches have been positioned for maximum comfort and ease of use.

    Programming Interface
    The intuitive programming interface makes navigating menus and changing settings as simple as roll and click. It's almost like using a mouse.

    30 model memory
    The DX4S comes with enough on-board memory to store settings for up to 30 models. You can store even more on the included SD card.

    Integrated Telemetry
    The DX4S is equipped with a built-in telemetry feature that gives you real-time information on things like battery voltage, motor or engine temperature, motor RPMs and more. You can also program the DX4S to alert you when specific telemetry values exceed limits that you define.

    Pre-Set Mixes
    DX4S software includes pre-set mixes for popular features like 4-wheel steering. Two user-defined mixes are also available.

    The available ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) programming lets you fine tune braking action for different track conditions.

    The Alert menu lets you activate, adjust or inhibit specific system sounds and alerts. 3-channels Outputs for steering, throttle, and aux plus an extra port for batter/bind.
    New Surface Protocol Only works with transmitters that run the new protocol
    Conformal coating Provides a barrier to protect the electronic components against moisture which can cause corrosion.
    Coaxial Antenna Allows the antenna to be mounted in the most optimal position to receive the signal from the transmitter.
    Fuel proof plastic case The case will not be damaged if nitro fuel is accidentally spilled on it.


    - Number of Channels: 4
    - Modulation: DSMR
    - Band: 2.4GHz
    - Weight: 482g (17oz )
    - Frame Rate: 11 or 22ms (with DSMR receiver)
    - Receiver: SR415
    - Model Memory: 30
    - Mode: Expert and Standard