1/24 ADUENTURER V2 Mini 4WD Land Rover Off-road Vehicle RC Crawler.
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1/24 ADUENTURER V2 Mini 4WD Land Rover Off-road Vehicle RC Crawler.

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.RGT1 / 24 distribution system 4WD simulation climbing vehicle, RGT this time launched 1/24 all terrain four-wheel drive simulation off-road vehicle V2 version is upgraded and optimized on the original 136240 platform, the size and specifications are basically unchanged.
.The new gear ratio combination, the gear set adds a split transmission reduction system, which makes the car's center of gravity lower, which is not only good for climbing, but also suitable for more matching simulation of the car shell.
.The car also has a C-shaped steel beam chassis structure, the front and rear axles are locked with bobbins, the steering arm is designed with high-position tie rods, the front and rear bumper plates are assembled with LED lights, and the motor is front-mounted.
.New twist design, suitable for various difficult road conditions, good operation performance, 2.4G full-scale blaster remote control. Good four-drive power, the whole car is equipped with high-performance carbon brush power motor, 2 in 1 ESC.
.Optimized proportional transmission structure, four-wheel drive, middle gearbox to ensure the weight ratio 4. High-quality climbing car tires to ensure rugged terrain climbing in the wild, independent medium gearbox, to ensure that the car is more secure during variable-speed operation, high quality Ni-MH battery, longer.
.A good steering system and a sensitive server make the car's steering more flexible. Imported suspension oil and accurate detection scheme are used to make the car's shock absorption better.
.The high-quality aluminum near frame can better protect the internal structure of the car. It is equipped with connecting rods and side pull rods to effectively maintain the climbing attitude and dynamic support of the car.