Hawker Hurricane Mk II Royal Air Force (RAF) 1/100 Scale Model

Hawker Hurricane Mk II Royal Air Force (RAF) 1/100 Scale Model

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  • Postage Stamp Collection
  • Highly detailed diecast model
  • Display stand included model is shown “in flight” no landing gear
  • Measures Approximately: 3.75” L x 4.5” Wingspan
  • Recommended for adult hobbyist and collectors. Not a toy.

    The Hawker Hurricane is a British fighter aircraft made by Hawker Aircraft for the Royal Air Force (RAF). The Hurricane entered squadron service in 1937 and was the workhorse of Britain's air defense during World War II. It became renowned during the Battle of Britain, accounting for 60 percent of the RAF air victories in the battle.

    The Mk.IID was the tropicalized version mainly used in North Africa after the entry of Italy in the war. Although outclassed in the air by the Luftwaffe's Me-109 and Italy's MC.202, the Hurricane retained an edge in ground-attack role due to its impressive armament. It was nicknamed "Flying Can Openers" due to a pair of 40mm Vickers anti-tank cannon fitted under each wing.

    This Daron Postage Stamp 1/100 diecast model is a replica of a Hawker Hurricane Mk.IID, BP188 JV-Z, flown by RAF No. 6 Squadron, based in Shandur, Egypt during WWII. Between September 1940 and September 1943 the squadron saw action in the tank-busting, 40 mm cannon-firing Hawker Hurricane Mk. IID, over the Western Desert.

    This model is a great addition to your aircraft collection.