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Speed, coolness, and stamina are three essential qualities on the new 6.3-metre/20.66 ft. Carrera GO!!! racetrack. A loop, a fly-over, and a junction mean the circuit is a serious challenge for every driver with a controller and guarantees they have to show off all their skills. The Ferrari SF16-H "S.Vettel, No.5" and Red Bull RB12, "M.Verstappen" are two incredibly powerful circuit racers that will push each other to the limit. Whose skills will shine through?


  • x1 Carrera GO!!! 64086 Ferrari SF16-H "S.Vettel, No.5"
  • x1 Carrera GO!!! 64087 Red Bull Racing TAG Heuer RB12 "M.Verstappen, No.33"
  • x1 Carrera GO!!! 61666 Connecting Section
  • x2 Carrera GO!!! and GO!!! PLUS 61663 Electronic Speed Controller
  • x1 Carrera GO!!! 61531 Transformer 14,8V - 0,7 Amp
  • x1 Carrera GO!!! Mechanical Lap Counter
  • x1 Carrera GO!!! 61613 Looping Set
  • x1 Carrera GO!!! 61616 Junction
  • x2 Carrera GO!!! Fly Over
  • x2 Carrera GO!!! Straight 114 mm
  • x5 Carrera GO!!! 61602 Straight
  • x8 Carrera GO!!! 61603 Radius 1 Curve 90°
  • Carrera Barrier Security
  • Carrera GO!!! 88303 Fasteners for Barriers
  • Carrera GO!!! 88185 Track Connection Clips
  • Carrera GO!!! Easy-Clip Support Rail
  • x2 Carrera GO!!! 88104 Guides
  • x4 Carrera GO!!! 61510 Double Braid
  • x1 Instruction manual