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The A4 Skyhawk was a carrier-capable ground attack aircraft developed for the US army and Marines. It was produced by the Douglas Aircraft company and is a single engine, delta wing design.

The cruciform and high mounted horizontal stab together with the delta wing configuration resulted in a very compact airframe (didn’t need to fold the wings) that could also perform at the highest levels.

Famous Models A4 Skyhawk, has managed to replicate the fantastic flight performance and agility; meaning that for its size, it really does hold its own. The model feels locked in; both on the ground, taxing, and when it leaves the ground it really does fly on rails. High speed passes are superb; high 'G' turnarounds are a real pleasure, loops, Split-ess, Immellmans and rolls are all effortless with the high performance brushless motor and 3 cell LiPo setup.

Landings are a non-event due in main, to the delta wing, giving it impeccable high alpha manors. I enjoy holding the nose wheel off the ground when the rear wheels touch, its a great scale touch and are really rewarding and this aircraft makes it so easy!

The Famous Models Skyhawk is definitely one of our new favourite models, and we know it will be one of yours.

Spec Check:

  • Wingspan: 700mm
  • Length:960mm
  • 610g
  • 64mm Fan
  • 2.4ghz Radio System
  • 9g Servo 4off
  • 30amp ESC
  • 3 cell 1300mAh LiPo Battery
  • Aileron, Elevator, steering front nose wheel and throttle