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FMS 800mm BF109 F (V2) RTF


The Famous models Messerschmitt BF109 has many scale features including a beautify 3 blade propeller and scale hub.

The aircraft features a brushless motor, 20Amp ESC and 4 ready installed servos. Assembly takes minutes following the simple photo step by step assembly guide.

The EPO construction gives a light yet resilient airframe that will take much punishment and just bounce right back into the air! Compact, adrenaline fuelled, big packet of fun still doesn‚do verbal justice to this airframe, we love it!

Dog fights really become genuine fun with this range of aircraft so what are you waiting for.

This is the new version 2 of the FMS 750mm BF109. The V2 features better scale details, a faster motor, and a step up in quality when compared to the the V1 plane. We love the extra speed and vertical generated by the new 1700kv motor. There is plenty of power for loops, rolls, and immelman turns. The landing gear has been improved over the V1 plane in both strength and detail.


New Features:

  • Upgraded scale pilot
  • Steel landing gear
  • Upgraded 1700 KV motor for increased performance
  • Newly designed fuselage and wing .
  • Scaled 3-blade propeller and landing gear
  • Detachable fuel tank. 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Many scale features including three blade propeller, steerable tail gear, hand painted pilot figure, and realistic graphics
  • Reinforced main landing gear with better scale detail and steerable tail gear
  • Upgraded FMS servos
  • Upgraded motor
  • Durable EPO foam construction
  • FMS3X or Flight Management System 3-aixs, is a stabilization unit built into our receiver that offers pilots, whether you are a beginner or expert, amazing control of your aircraft.