1/72 Spitfire PR.XIX

1/72 Spitfire PR.XIX

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When Hornby purchased Airfix there was concern that the venerable model company would whither away. Since then, however, Airfix has released some well-received new mold 1/48 Canberras as well as re-releasing some of the older kits in their catalog. Now comes one of the first 1/72 scale new releases from Airfix in quite a while -- a true Spitfire PR XIX. 

With only 44 parts at the nostalgic sum of about $10; you may think that you have stepped back in time. However, the nicely-done details and recessed panel lines show that this is an all new kit that promises to build up into a nice kit. Given the price, there are some shortcuts: although there is some molded on sidewall detail and passable cockpit detail, there is strangely no instrument panel relief or decal. Also, the landing gear is molded with the main doors in place, but both three and four spoke wheels are provided. Sprue attachment points are a bit thick, but careful removal of the parts resulted in no damage. Ultimately though, you end up with a true PR XIX without having to fill any panel lines or do surgery to get a nicely-done example right out of the box. 

Earlier this year I completed a PR XIX using a Fujimi kit with a host of Quickboost and Freightdog details. So, I thought it would be interesting to do a head-to-head comparison of the two kits. 

Cockpit and Interior

The Airfix cockpit assembled easily and with careful painting came out well. The seat is a bit clunky and the absence of an instrument panel decal is disappointing. A bit of a spare decal sheet gave me as much detail as I really needed given that the canopy would be closed. The canopy is thick but clear and fits well. There are no interior details for the cameras, but given the aperture size it would be wasted anyway. I was not a fan of the camera glass fit – there are some serious gaps that are easily addressed but annoying nonetheless. 

Despite the inclusion of cameras and an instrument panel decal, the totally inaccurate "seat in a bathtub" cockpit in the Fujimi kit drops it behind Airfix. Advantage: Airfix