1/100 - Halo: Build & Play UNSC-Pelican Snap-Together

1/100 - Halo: Build & Play UNSC-Pelican Snap-Together

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The D79 Pelican troop carrier is the UNSC’s primary post-Covenant War combat dropship. It is a highly versatile transport, able to carry 14 Marines or Spartans, a vehicle, and supplies from orbiting warships directly to battle on a planetary surface, and then provides cover with its close-support weapons. Whether it's moving troops or cargo, the Pelican dropship is an invaluable tool in the UNSC's amazing arsenal.

The UNSC Pelican kit builds up easily from 50 pre-coloured parts to create a highly detailed replica of the UNSC's main troop and supply transport and includes 2 Spartan figures. The light and sound module recreates cannon flash, cockpit lights and take-off, flyby and landing sounds taken from the video game for incredible realism!

  • Highly detailed replica of game vehicle
  • Durable ABS parts simply snap together - no glue, no mess!
  • Parts are pre-coloured - no painting required!
  • Included battle action light & sound module recreates game sound effects
  • Includes 2 Spartan figures
  • Sticker sheet included
  • Detailed instruction manual