1/10 The Hornet
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1/10 The Hornet

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The Legend Lives On! The revolutionary 1984 2WD off-road buggy is back and more fun than ever before! The Hornet stands as one of Tamiya's most popular R/C cars ever released, helping launch a 2WD R/C buggy boom worldwide. Featuring excellent performance on both dirt and on-road tracks, this awesome buggy can take on any type of terrain. Just like the original, this re-release features an easy to assemble chassis and drivetrain consisting of a durable but lightweight ABS resin bathtub frame, diff gear loaded sealed gearbox, oil filled rear dampers, powerful RS 540 motor and high performance suspension system. The Hornet is perfect for those that used to have one, those that have always wanted one, and for those that want a revolutionary buggy that has earned its place in R/C history. Specifications: - Overall length: 400mm - Overall width: 230mm - Overall height: 150mm - Weight: 874g - Solid bathtub frame with side bumpers - High performance Type 540 motor - Independent swing axle front suspension with friction dampers - Rolling rigid axle rear suspension with oil filled dampers - Sealed rear gearbox to protect diff gear during off-road running - Original 3-piece assembly wheels compatible with optional ball bearings (sold separately) - Straight ribbed racing front tires Spiked buggy rear tires Durable - Shock absorbent polycarbonate body shell - Reinforced resin bumper - TEU-101BK Electronic Speed Controller
Adjustable gear ratio : yes
Adjustable wheelbase : fixed
Adjustable track width : fixed
Adjustable shock angle : fixed
Special feature 1 : Narrow 26mm metal-plated wheels are encased in large-diameter tires.
Special feature 2 : LED lights are included to depict realistic head (white) and tail (red) lights.
Special feature 3 : Model length: 426mm, Wheelbase: 252mm
Special feature 4 : Ladder frame bathtub type frame.
Special feature 5 : Front double wishbone suspension, and 4-link rigid rear suspension
Requires A : 7.2 battery & charger
Requires B : 2-channel radio gear
Requires C : polycarbonate paint